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World Class Casino: Slots & Poker is an online gaming platform which offers free, premium casino-style slots and a wide number of poker games. Players are able to enjoys slot machines that have a realistic gameplay and benefit from a large number of bonuses.

About World Class Casino

World Class Casino: Slots & Poker is an online gaming platform which offers free, premium casino-style slots and a wide number of poker games. Players are able to enjoys slot machines that have a realistic gameplay and benefit from a large number of bonuses. 

Here you will be able to take advantage of Pick’Em bonus rounds, progressive jackpots, Free Spin Games, Stacked & Expanding Wilds, Big Wins and a variety of other wins and prizes. 

You can also let your competitive side run wild and challenge other players for even bigger pots. Players can also scratch their ticket timer for the chance to earn coins on a daily basis. Card players can choose from 5 different styles of poker in the Poker Room, and they can also improve their card skills with video Poker. New slots and games are continuously added to the platform in order to keep their players entertained and satisfied.

In addition to slots, poker and blackjack, there are also tournaments organized for slots and Sit&Go. The platform implements a system of levels in which more Tiers can be unlocked as you play. With each Tier unlocked the player receives a higher coin value for larger betting.

World Class Casino was launched in 2014 by the well-known and respected game publisher Masque.

Features of World Class Casino

Realistic Experience

What sets World Class Casino apart from traditional slot PC games is its realistic design. This gives the user the feeling that they are playing in a casino in the comfort of their own home when you play this IGT Slots. 

Users are able to play casino slots, poker and video poker with true-to-life sound effects and background noise to enhance the game experience. 

Easy Download and Use

You do not have to wait to download or install the game before you can play. All you have to do is have access to the internet, open your browser and type in the home page of World Class Casino. Users also have the option to download the app and play on your mobile device or PC. The app is available for iOS and Android systems, and it can also be downloaded from Amazon Appstore for PC use.

Hundreds of Great Games 

There is a wide range of games that you can play, starting from card and casino games to slots packages including actual casino slot machines from the major slot machine manufacturers in the world. there is everything for everyone, guaranteeing you will never get bored.

Free Trials on select games, Easy In-game Purchasing & Activation Options

On most of their casual games World Class Casino lets you play for free you can quickly download the game on your computer and start playing without having to pay or submit any personal information.  There are also several purchases you can make in the game to boost your access level to other games or to activate certain features.

Fun Avatar Customization

By clicking on your avatar picture located at the top right of the page, you can create your own character which represents you in the World Class Casino.

By clicking on My Wardrobe, there are three tabs: Character, Fashion and Style. By clicking on the character tab you can choose to create your type of avatar (eyes, nose, face), in Fashion you select its clothes, headpieces or earrings, an in Style you select your character’s hairdo or beard.

About Masque Publishing

The games developed by Masque are played in physical casinos across the world as they pioneered casino-style free games on-the-go. Their World Class Casino platform is their most realistic casino experience created so far.

World Class Casino User Reviews

The app is rated 3.0 out of 5 stars on Amazon, 4.2 on AppleStore, and 4.2 on Google Play. User reviews are mixed, with some expressing dissatisfaction while others considered it to be a fun experience.

“I have been looking for a game like this, but after 30sec. it freezes my Kindle and I can not play it at all. After I spent actual money to buy some coins, I can’t even play the game. I’d like to give it a minus 5 if I could.”

“Have to play too long before upping bets.”

“thus is a must have on cell for greatest slots”

“I reinstalled this after a break. I like that tournaments were added back in. I don’t like that I have to watch multiple ads and guaranteed at least once the app will stop working. It takes about 1 minute to get back into the tournament. This butchers your chance of winning the tournament. also all this crashing affects the performance of the phone. like speed of system and battery power.”

Pros and Cons of World Class Casino


  • Free-to-play casino 
  • Chance to win coins every day
  • FREE welcome gift, and lots more ways to get free coins
  • Instant free access to every game 
  • No registration required
  • Casino-style video and mechanical slots just like in physical casinos
  • Multiplayer casino tables
  • A wide variety of slots, poker and gambling games
  • Exchange messages with other players
  • Free scratch Ticket Timer


  • Slow loading times
  • Might interfere with your ad-blocker when playing in browser mode


World Class Casino is a free and fun platform that offers a variety of slots and gambling games which can easily be accessed from your browser, mobile or desktop app.

5.0 rating
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